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Parks and Recreation
Jermel Stevenson
Director of Parks and Recreation

Angie Smith
Recreation Division Manager

Keith Flournoy
Parks Division Manager

Rowlett Community Centre
5300 Main Street
Rowlett, TX  75088

214-703-3920 Fax

In the upcoming weeks, the Rowlett Parks and Recreation Department will begin installing 911 location trail signs in the following (4) parks:

-Pecan Grove
-Nature Trail
-Community Park

The trail signs will allow users in case of an emergency to dial 911 and give dispatch their location to within four feet. This is important as it could save precious minutes in a life or death situation.

Currently if a person is on one of our trails and experiences an emergency and called 911, they would have to give a detailed description of their surroundings in order to assist dispatch in their location on the trail. With the installation of the 911 trail signs, they will be able to give dispatch pertinent information relative to their exact location on the trail. The 911 trail signs are color coded, numbered and has the initials of the park where they are located. Each sign will be strategically placed on the trails and users will see the signs throughout the trails as the walk, jog or bike, which will be in numerical order.

For example, if a person is walking on the trail at Springfield or Community Park and experiences an emergency, they would dial 911 and inform the dispatcher that they are at Springfield or Community Park. Dispatcher will ask them their location on the trail and they would respond with the letters and number of the closest  sign they saw which could be a sign that reads "YOUR LOCATION IS SF 11." Dispatch will then be able to see on their map where help is needed anywhere between 4 to 150 feet.

This was a collaborative project working with Rowlett Police, Communications and Parks & Rec. Sign installation could begin as early as Thursday, March 6, 2014 at Pecan Grove. If you have any questions, please call Keith Flournoy at 972-412-6264.

Rowlett is rich in the amenities that enhance all areas of our lives. Our Community Centre offers a state-of-the-art fitness center, racquetball courts, two gymnasiums, meeting and banquet rooms that are appropriate for weddings and corporate meetings, and myriad of fitness programs and classes for all ages, from infants to seniors.

Our parks offer opportunities for low-cost entertainment and sports, family outings, walking trails, fishing ponds, playgrounds and pavilions.

We extend an invitation to you to take advantage of the fun and relaxation awaiting you through the Parks & Recreation Department of the City of Rowlett.

Our department is composed of the Recreation and Parks Divisions. With thirty-one staff members and approximately 100 seasonal employees, our department is responsible for providing our citizens with a opportunities for fun and relaxation. Our vision statement reflects how we feel about our citizens.

Rowlett Parks & Recreation Sponsorship Catalog - Check out the BRAND NEW Rowlett Parks and Recreation Sponsorship Catalog! Want to help your local parks? You pick what peaks your interest and how much you want to give, contact the Parks Division Manager to make arrangements and then donate to the PARDners Foundation to make your tax deductible donation!  

Our Vision
"Exploring life's simple pleasures. Your enjoyment is our reward."

Parks and Recreation play an important role in the quality of life in Rowlett and also provides for a healthier environment, improves the well being of our citizens and neighbors, and reduces the potential for crime in our city.

4000 Main Street Rowlett, TX 75088