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Towing Information
Vehicle Towing and Storage
Various circumstances may result in an individual's vehicle being transported to a place of safekeeping when its owner is unable to make other arrangements. In order to safely store such vehicles, the Rowlett Police Department utilizes the following four wrecker services.




Cathey Towing 972-309-9757 5121 Gordon Smith
Martin Wrecker Service 972-475-4455 5161 Boyd Boulevard

The vehicle impound lots used by the City of Rowlett are privately owned businesses and charge a fee for towing and storage. If your vehicle was removed from the roadway following a motor vehicle accident, notify your insurance agent. Texas laws require all vehicles to be covered by a valid insurance policy or other proof of financial responsibility in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Any obligation may be addressed by your insurance carrier. If you wish to take care of the storage fees yourself, the impound lots are authorized to release vehicles not held for evidence by the Police Department.

Releasing Your Vehicle
In order for you to get your vehicle released you must contact the company (numbers are listed above) that towed your vehicle. They will explain to you what steps must be taken in order to obtain the release of your vehicle. 

For additional information on vehicle storage and release, please contact the Records Deparment at 972-412-6200, option 3 or by Email.

4000 Main Street Rowlett, TX 75088