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Restaurant and Other Health Scores

Food Inspection Scores - What Do They Mean?
The scoring system for food inspections is based upon 100 weighted points assigned to different categories that summarize all of the health and sanitation regulations from food protection to physical conditions of areas such as walls, floors and plumbing.  Critical violations, those that require immediate corrective action due to food contamination, illness and/or injury, are assigned a higher weighted point value (5) than non-critical violations. A food establishment receiving a score of 95 could still be closed if the violation was a five point critical violation. For more information, you may contact Development Services, at 972-412-6125.


Scoring Range

Required Actions 

100 - 90

Very good - regular six-month inspection 

89 - 80

Good - regular six-month inspection 

79 - 70

Fair - requires reinspection within 30 days 

69 - or Below

Failing - requires a follow-up inspection within 10 days or closure 

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This web page is currently under construction.  Current health scores will be posted soon.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Environmental Services Manager, Chuck Dumas, at 972-412-6284.

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