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Stage 3 Water Restrictions
NOTICE: NTMWD has TEMPORARILY Eased Stage 3 Water Restrictions to Allow Weekly Landscape Irrigation September 1 - October 31, 2014.
Regular Stage 3 Restrictions Return November 1 - March 31.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires that water providers, such as the City of Rowlett, maintain chlorine residuals in transmission and distribution systems to assure water quality so that the treated water supply is safe for use. Annually, chlorine residuals are depleted by increases in temperature during summer months. During the summer of 2014, NTMWD consumers have reduced their water usage so well that maintaining chlorine residuals has been compounded by the decreased demands.

To maintain water quality, the City, along with other NTMWD Member and Customer Cities, performs flushing of hydrants to remove the water that has decreased chlorine residuals. To improve the circulation and increase the water flow within the water systems, allowance of once per week watering with sprinkler or irrigation systems will assist in maintaining the required chlorine residuals. 

Stage 3 Water Restrictions Effective November 1, 2014 Through at Least March 31, 2015 - 10% Reduction Goal

The City of Rowlett purchases water from the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD).

A lack of rainfall and the inability to use water from Lake Texoma (which makes up 28% of the District's supply) due to a zebra mussel invasion* spurred the need for additional water restrictions. Therefore the NTMWD is continuing Stage 3 Water Restrictions on a month-to-month basis with a 10% reduction goal. As a customer city, Rowlett must comply. 

NTMWD has opened a new pipeline from Lake Texoma, effectively bringing the lake back online. However, due to the lack of rainfall and continuing drought conditions, the water levels at Lake Texoma are also extremely low so this will not provide the supply needed to alleviate Stage 3 conditions.

Until north Texas receives significant rainfall, please expect Stage 3 restrictions to remain in place. If the drought continues, a future move to Stage 4 restrictions is a possibility.    

*Until recently, it has been illegal to transport zebra mussels across state lines under the Federal Lacey Act. These mussels destroy a lakes's ecosystem by 'cleaning' the water, effectively removing food sources for other organisms.

View the NTMWD Critical Water Supply Triffecta flyer for more details.

Stage 3 Water Restrictions

City of Rowlett Water Management Plan requirements:

  • Limit landscape watering with sprinklers or irrigation system to once every fourteen days (temporarily effective September 1-October 31, 2014, every seven days) corresponding with the last number of an address (see chart below). No watering between 10am and 6pm. 
  • Foundations, new landscaping, new plantings (first year) of shrubs and trees may be watered for up to two hours on any day by a hand-held hose, a soaker hose or a dedicated zone using a drip irrigation system.
  • Prohibit hydroseeding, hydomulching, overseeding and sprigging. 
  • Existing swimming pools may not be drained and refilled except to replace normal water loss.
  • Halt non-essential City government water use* including street cleaning, vehicle washing, operation of ornamental fountains, etc.
  • Prohibit washing or rinsing of vehicles by hose except with a hose end cutoff nozzle.
  • Public athletic fields used for competition may be watered twice per week.
  • Registered and properly functioning ET/Smart irrigation systems and drip/bubbler irrigation systems may irrigate without restrictions. 

* Waterview Golf Course utilizes untreated water from a separate City of Dallas (Lake Ray Hubbard) agreement and will not be subject to Stage 3 Water Restrictions.Once a week chart.jpg

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